About Sas Togs

Hi I’m Sarah. In March 2008 I’ll be leaving good old Blighty for the Sri Lankan shores to start my two year VSO placement. I’m really excited and nervous about the whole thing and I can’t wait to get there.

It’s going to be a completely alien environment for me and this blog is going to be my outlet to share all (well, perhaps not all) my experiences of life, work, food…the whole sheebang.

Watch this space…

Please note

the views expressed in this weblog are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of VSO


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  1. well, the final leg of the togher farewell tour was enjoyed by all last night at a great sri lankan restaurant in downtown rusholme, manchesterville. celebrations continued i hulmey city, des res of moi, into the early hours, leaving hangovers all round this morning on waking for a blackpool breakfast in the now bomb-site which is my kitchen. the togher was on form and reminded me how much i shall miss the bint. gulp!
    the gal’s nerves are beginning to surface, and none of us are looking forward to the airport farewell in ten days and counting. she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do though, so raise your glasses to the togher, saviour of the world, and may we enjoy her great company on many occasions during the next two years; be it in blighty, sri lanka, somewhere between the two, and in cyber space blog land. long may she reign over us, and bottoms up! xx

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I am a mental health social worker in Ireland and considering applying to work with VSO, possibly in Sri Lanka. Its very early days and I might not even get accepted, however am really enjoying your blog. Your experiences are fascinating and make really interesting reading.So keep posting them, and I may even eventually get the courage to do what you are doing!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Keep up the good work mate, you’re never far from our thoughts at work at Rotherham. Can only imagine how difficult it must be to change decades of working but if anyone can – you can! Keep us up to date with progress.

    Love Helen

  4. Hi Cousin, gerry gave me your web link, i must thank her for that………i feel as if i am there with you……..


  5. Hello Sarah,
    Gezza passed your blog to me, really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Sri Lanka. It made me feel very nostalgic… the Bo tree, Bob Marley and that Orange pekoe tea..mmmm(long time since I was there-1984). Narrowly escaped with my life when a cow tried to lie down on top of me as i took 40 winks on the beach!
    Hope you are well, stay safe and savour it!
    warm regards

  6. Hello Cuz, hope all is well and Xmas was not too much of a drag in all that heat while the rest of us froze are horsechestnuts off!! Sounds like you are enjoying the challenge in front of you and it comes accross that although its tough it seems rewarding.
    If you need anything let my know cheers mate and don’t burn too much!!

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Are you still in SL? You haven’t posted for a while – I wondered how it was all going. Still good?

    I’m hoping to teach as an independent vol in SL after April next (after you leave, I think), so I’ll be scouring your pages for useful tips – please keep posting!

    Merry Christmas and All Best Wishes for a Happy 2010!


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