Not that I’m counting…the big screen?

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I can hardly believe it on the 26th Sept I’ll have been here 6 months…whew clichés a plenty, time goes by when you’re having fun, time and tide wait for no man, time goes by….  another Madonna reference sorry…

Need less to say if you have been following my Sri Lankan experience so far, you’ll agree I have actually done ,seen , tasted ,etc a whole selection box of wonderful things in this relatively short period of time.

Selection box ahah …leads me nicely onto the fact that some of  us vols have been talking about our plans for Christmas and New Year, like we have nothing better to do in this developing country but to focus on our selves …yes well, despite these days not being celebrated in this Buddhist country they fall in the high season. The weather is HOT and holiday makers flee cooler climes for SL winter sun – yep you’ve got it, the prices go up.

So those of us on a small allowance try to book beach accommodation a) early  and b)get residents rates or negotiate a deal if we have previously stayed there. Not really wishing our time away here, it is purely for practical, financial and of course volunteer supportive reasons we are thinking ahead. I’ll keep you posted nearer the time of the out come.

A small down side of these thoughts, being those of home, highlighted by a quick text from my sis Rosie, saying she would be at home last weekend. Ooh the taste of my mum’s home cooking, been driven  to the pub by my dad, going to see my nephews, and a  glass of cold white wine I have to admit a I felt a little home sick ,with 6 months suddenly feeling like a very along time! 

Hey ho, the moment has passed prashna nae ,as they say here no problem, I am doing OK, please don’t worry, feeling a tad home sick now and again is good and normal, ’tis all part of the SL experience!!!

Aeti = enough! I move on.

The first full week back at work has been really good catching up with things. Like I said last blog not a lot has happened as things do not move at a fast pace here. However things like funding applications have been discussed with the Rotary Club of SL.This was a fascinating meeting to hear how funds are generated on an international scale and utilized creatively for example the building of schools in the tsunami hit areas.

Our proposal was put together with input from staff at the hospital myself and written up by W.H.O. The main objective focussed on the provision of a “homely environment”, which included costs for items such as 400 beds, lockers,  water tanks, TV ‘s and arm chairs to a vehicle. This would to be utilized by staff to do home visits when families located, and by the women to support their integration into the community through shopping trips going to the cinema, the zoo, the temples etc

Mulleriyawa hospital also received a large donation of goods from the LIONS club this week. This included items ranging from soap to an exercise bike, with underwear, sheets, plates ,gas bottles and cleaning equipment in between. It will improve the quality of life for the women in a small but relevant way. So things are progressing for the women I am glad to report.

Now I am getting about a bit more independently( did I tell you I broke a bone in my foot???)  and using the bus to work(bike use to commence once I get the flat tyre sorted!)I ventured into town       ( Colombo City 25 mins from the pink palace) to join a couple of mates to go to the flix as you do on Saturday evening. The Liberty Plaza cinema was showing the Batman film Dark Night or was it Knight(oops cant remember!)Once we purchased our  tickets popcorn was required, however to my delight and surprise you can purchase a beer should you so wish to enjoy with your film, very civilised I thought as was the interval , when you get chance  for another!  Once the second half started the sound quality which hadn’t been that brilliant was drowned out by the sound of the audience munching their way through the bags of prawn crackers they’d bought (obviously not big drinkers!) I did enjoy the film although we suspect it had been cut in a few places.  I am not complaining as it was a pleasant change compared to my usual viewing of DVD’s on the laptop under me mossie net!… which is where I’m headed for now!!!  Another instalment soon…




My left foot … and my first saree!

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Well its been a quiet couple of weeks due to the plaster remaining in situ until the 11th Sept, which has meant my movements have been restricted, not so much by the pain but actually trying to get about, for a women who has always been told slow down when walking I’ve certainly have got my comeuppance!

Saying that I have been in to work( at Angoda Hospital) for the odd meeting or to sit in on training, Been managing to do a half day ,as my leg gets a bit swollen ,so I retire to home to get my leg up! Mates have been good calling round or staying over. As have the three wheeler drivers as I stop to do any shopping at the road side stalls from the back of their vehicles.

A women with a half leg plaster cast on is certainly a sight of great amusement perfect strangers stop and enquire ”What happened ?” as I can’t get away very quickly I repeat the very unexciting tale of the injury, I would really like to say that an elephant stood on it at the pererhera but it won’t wash! I know they are been kind but it caught me completely by surprise the amount of interest generated!

I attended a Dana ceremony last week for Mrs S the land lady for her good health (recently had a mastectomy for breast cancer).When we were receiving our string bracelet(prithnula ) from the monk he said he would pray for my speedy recovery so I could get back on my bike! Bless him!

Yes I have got my first Saree (see photo on face book)I bought the material some weeks ago with the help of one of the social workers, then we had to arrange to go to the seam stress to measure me for my blouse. She was a little taken a back that I did not wear a pointy bra like Sri Lanka ladies …(more Madonna I thought) however we resolved the issue by putting less darts in oh us westerners causing problems. Anyway the blouse was finished so the big try on took place in the social work office.

I am under strict instructions not to attempt to wear it until I am fully mobile … at the risk of falling. People are getting the picture that I am accident prone as my mother says I was at walking at 9 months and falling ever since! I let you know how it goes…needless to say I am now pot less( removed on Wednesday) but wearing a support bandage and walking again.

Went to Mulleriyawa today- was welcomed by both the women and staff who said they had missed me…ahh I had missed them too. Nothing much happened in my absence however the  good news is the ladies have continued at the paper factory … working full time and now negotiating their salaries hoorah!

It was good to be back even for a half day-  back to normal on Monday –  I can’t wait…  but will be walking hemin hemin …slowly slowly for a while!




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