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April 4, 2008 at 7:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Hopefully not speaking too soon but l seem to be getting to grips with things so far…I   am pleased to be able to report no further bites, I have become obsessive with my anti bite campaign tucking in the mossy net first job on return to my room and the regular application of repellent( 50% DEET) which does the job …it leaves the skin feeling quite yukky … but if it keeps those little critters away I will continue!

Drinking plenty of water is nothing new to me … neither  is the cold beer after the walk back in the evenings!

Going to the bathroom at night you have to be aware of unwanted insect guests … my fellow vols have seen large cock roaches, geckos, and spiders,I have not yet had the pleasure but give it time I’m sure.

The food has not been too spicy, pricey maybe, we were ripped off the other day at a tourist hotel orange juice 500 rupees = about £2.50 we had paid 400 r for the meal!!!

The other evening Lynn and Sarah 2( I am Sarah 1, on the first day I would introduce myself  then Sarah would say she was Sarah too , it’s stuck) we were having  a little wander around the local shops – I spotted a  local eatery selling veg kottu that I had read about in my guide. We managed to order hoppers plain and egg, veg kottu,shrimp rotte which came with spicy relishes we ate till we were bursting drank  soft  drinks the total was 472 rupees  between us about 70p each… we were very chuffed to report to the others we had eaten well and within the VSO budget!!!

Staying in the capital there is a wide choice of food and prices, sadly spotted a pizza hut and of course a mc Donalds.

We explored the Galle Face Hotel ( for those of you thinking about visiting me !) the other evening at the recommendation of Hugh the prog director. Colombos most famous hotel don’t you know dahlings!,as the guide says full of colonial charm and quirky character! It was brilliant watching the lightening over the ocean from the balcony as the diners were hurried from their tables indoors as the rains came down…we retired to the bar for a cocktail (just the one, we’re on a budget !!!) to do some people watching. We had eaten at the Cricket club earlier as you do, funnily enough the prices were the same.

Saturday was a slow day must have been all that sea air… but we did manage to navigate our way into the centre to explore the shopping plazas  … yes I know me  shopping and on a Saturday how girlie! It certainly won’t be something I’ii will be rushing to repeat. God it was busy and hot of course, the reason for the expedition was that some of the vols will be 5-7 hours away from Colombo on placements and needed to reccie  the clothes available, we later discovered that  the forthcoming new year (w/e 12 th April) is a time for giving presents mainly clothes, which explained in one store House of Fashion (=TX Maxx) we were nearly crushed by the locals with armfuls of garments as we walked thro’ door.

We ate lunch at the Barefoot Cafe set behind a really fab shop in the court yard where on Sundays they have a jazz session… full of ex pats. Nice to know it is there, those of us who will be working  around Colombo agreed it would be a place to bring our visitors or for us to get together on special occasions…ever budget conscious!

Well that’s me for now, next instalment soon … hopefully will have sussed how to upload some pics.


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  1. how very enid blyton!!
    can’t wait to sample the delights… xx

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