3 more sleeps to go…

March 22, 2008 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Food, Friends, Life, Love, Travel | 2 Comments


Time has certainly gone very quickly these past few weeks.


I finished work on the 7th March, celebrating this event with friends and colleagues from Hawthorn Day unit at the local pub The Golden Ball. It was great to share the evening with the folk who have put up with me for the last 4 years and who will get 2 years respite!


The next night was my “Leaving do” at The community centre in Wadworth – the evening started with a pie and pea supper and the entertainment was provided by Band for Life a cheidhl band from Sheffield…what a hoot “dosey doeing” – “stripping the willow” taking your partner etc etc Ruth the caller did a fab job of keeping us going… everybody had a go with some persuasion and gentle arm twisting from yours truly!  £165 was raised for VSO; everybody had a good night according to all the txt the next day.


The 14th was the Manchester leg of the departure tour a Sri Lankan curry in Rusholme with the Manchester posse then back to big Al’s for more wine and songs! (Irish ballads at one point)


Ooh forgot to mention a day trip to London to meet up with  5 folk not seen for 20 years since we worked together in Orpington –  all down to Brenda who took the time to track me down (we last met in Manchester 14 years ago) all a bit Marc Almond – wave hello say good bye…. It was brilliant to see them again and to drink a glass of champagne in the bar at St Pancras Station.


Back to the tour…2 chilled days with bessy mate Denise in London this week ,doing the sights, the theatre, boat on the Thames, shopping, gastronomical delights of Sushi ,organic veggie supper, French brunch and Turkish evening meal, stayed in the YHA in ST Paul’s…not quite Thelma and Louise but a marvellous girly time was had!


Family meal with relatives from Leeds tomorrow just the 21 of us ends the tour – as my tickets and visa have arrived I have no job ,no house and no car-  so I am off on Tuesday the big adventure starts and I cant wait!


Serious bit now… I would like to thank everyone for the good wishes, gifts, cards, support and  the encouragement received over the last weeks quite over whelming at times; I will endeavour to keep this blog going on a regular basis to share my experiences.

Many thanks again with love Sarah x



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  1. irish ballads chez-moi???
    we must have been drunk!!!

  2. By the time you read this message, dearest friend, you will have slept,at least, your first night in Sri Lanka under your mossy-net and in temperatures much hotter than here in dear old blighty.
    Of course I will miss you terribly but such is the power of technology you are only an email, blog, text or even letter away. No distance at all.
    As your parting gift to me was a bunch of leeks (now made into leek and potato soup)what I find my self wondering will your parting gift, in two years time, be to Sri Lanka be? No rude comments, please.
    Love you and wish you much joy in your adventures.
    Denise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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