5 weeks to go…letting go!

February 21, 2008 at 10:17 pm | Posted in Life, Travel | 1 Comment
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Letting go in more ways than one!

The last few weeks have been taken up with preparing my house for renting out whilst I’m away and has resulted in the place looking better than ever. I now have a carpet in the back bedroom…the rugs gone to Mind charity shop. The kitchen cupboard door now closes with one gently push i.e. properly, instead of being secured with the blue “ lacky” band from a bunch of spring onions. The hole in brickwork below the front bay window where the slugs get in, will be no more on Saturday when Calvin does his stuff. I am struggling to reason why I never got round to doing all these jobs before now .. .was it a) cos I was always out and about gallivanting, or b)perhaps I did not have the money to pay for Calvin’s services … home improvement services!   (that ‘s what it says on his t shirt)

The other thing having a large 3 bed roomed terraced house and being the single occupant you have loads of space to keep “things”. However when you come to empty these spaces you find that all these “things” are rubbish, things are broken ,don’t work anymore ,the “bit” it needed to work still needs the “bit” 10 years later. It’s no different with the wardrobe or the drawers full with clothes, they are out of fashion for the 3rd time around or they still don’t suit or fit…another bag  full for the Mind Shop!

Needless to say I’ve got it sorted and the TO LET sign went up today!


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